Concert Chorded 14-Key | Aluminum

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Handcrafted in Flagstaff, Arizona using carefully selected exotic hardwoods. Face wood: Honduran Rosewood / Sides: Aluminum / Accent: Ebony. Comes with mallets. Approximate dimensions 18” L X 9” W X 6” H.

This piece was fashioned after the coffee table we made for the Shure international headquarters in Skokie, Illinois, to commemorate a significant corporate anniversary. The materials are left over from that project, whose goal was to manifest - architecturally speaking - a piece of musical furniture which would appear to have grown organically out of the main floor of the building. The drum features our Concert Chorded 14-Key design. 

Known for beautiful sound and a nearly two-octave range, arranged in familiar chord groupings, the Concert Chorded 14-Key is wonderful for free musical exploration, yet designed for purposeful advanced song play. Together, the Chorded 14-Key and Chorded 16-Key form our Concert Series of drums.

Concert Chorded 14-Key | Aluminum