Lidded Chorded 12-Key

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Made to order. We're very excited by the outcome of our first ever lidded drum, and are even more excited for the next. Please contact us if you're interested in discussing your very own lidded drum. 

This piece, built on commission, gave me an opportunity to make something I had long thought about making. The inside of the lid is leather lined and the custom made mallets have their own velvet presentation pouch. The lid face is fashioned from very old book-matched Guatemalan Rosewood.

The overall piece is 19 ½” L X 8 ½” W X 7 ½” H. The playing section and bottom are of Guatemalan Rosewood, which accounts for its bright warm ring. Sides and ends are Wenge.

The Chorded 12-Key is our most popular instrument and one of our most musically versatile. This tuning features four chords: C, F, G, and A minor, or a I - IV - V - vi chord progression in the key of C. The instrument is well-suited to be played with hands or mallets, freestyle or to the tune of a favorite song. If it’s songs you’re after, you may know that the I - IV - V - vi chord progression is one of the most common in popular music of the last 50 or 60 years, across all genres.

Lidded Chorded 12-Key
Lidded Chorded 12-Key

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