Chorded 12-Key | Guatemalan Rosewood | Sycamore

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Handcrafted in Flagstaff, Arizona using carefully selected exotic hardwoods. Face wood: Guatemalan Rosewood / Side wood: Sycamore. Comes with mallets. Approximate dimensions 18” L X 8 ¼” W X 6” H.

“The corner leg form is one I have adopted over the years to “frame” beautiful side and end woods. The tops of the corner posts are sometimes textured.” - Michael Thiele

The Chorded 12-Key is our most popular instrument and one of our most musically versatile. This tuning features four chords: C, F, G, and A minor, or a I - IV - V - vi chord progression in the key of C. The instrument is well-suited to be played with hands or mallets, freestyle or to the tune of a favorite song. If it’s songs you’re after, you may know that the I - IV - V - vi chord progression is one of the most common in popular music of the last 50 or 60 years, across all genres.