Chorded 12-key wooden tongue drum
Est. 1974

The Original
Tongue Drum

Hands playing a 9-key wooden tongue drum
Est. 1974

The Original
Tongue Drum

Hands playing a 5-key wooden tongue drum with mallets
Est. 1974

The Original
Tongue Drum

"The drawing of sound from wood is among the oldest and most primal manifestations of human communication and musical expression."

- Michael Thiele, Founder of Hardwood Music

Zoomed in view of a drill bit going into a block of wood


All of our drums are handcrafted and tuned at our shop in Flagstaff, AZ. Each board is hand-picked for visual beauty and acoustic excellence. We’ve become masters at listening for tone quality in each piece of hardwood.

Hands playing 12-key wooden tongue drum with mallets

Musical Freedom

We call the tuning compositions in our drums "open-harmonic". This means that anyone, regardless of prior knowledge or musical ability, can create music that sounds pleasing to the ear without a worry of playing a "wrong note".

Zoomed in view of rings on a tree stump with a green leaf laid on top of it

Organic Voice

By nature, all Hardwood Music instruments are one of a kind. Built from the exotic hardwoods of the world, each of our drums offer a unique musical voice. Since no two planks of wood are alike, no two drums are either.  

Forest background

|Nature is music|

Bring the sound of wood into your environment

|Be Inspired|

Where will your creative journey take you?

HMC Spotlight

Tongue Drums at the Hotel California


We have had the drum for a week and each person who has discovered it for the first time has smiled ear to ear. This is a handmade musical instrument that makes music almost by itself. The chording makes even a rhythmically challenged two year old capable of making beautiful noise.

Ty H., FL, USA | Chorded 12-Key

The workmanship is first rate, and it will be a showpiece when I haul it out in public. And the sound that comes out of it is really just unbelievable. It's something that you can't really appreciate from hearing on a website, you need to be holding one of these beauties in your hands.

Terrence, AK, USA | Chorded 12-Key

Words are inadequate to describe what happens when I play.  The sounds gently wash over me like water ebbing and flowing over polished stones.  I have never felt so relaxed and focused at the same time in my life.  It's so gentle.  And I'm just exploring the note combinations.

Karen, USA | Chorded 12-Key

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