Making music at a lumberyard

"If you show me a smart phone and a bowling ball, I could confidently tell you which is which."

Michael (or Dad to us) has always been eager to remind everyone that his flip phone is every bit as "smart" as our phones. For this reason, I was both shocked and impressed when he offered to use his new smart phone to record some videos playing our "Jumbo Drum" at a lumberyard where he is selecting new tone wood (specifically, restocking on African Padauk).

I gave him a few pointers: 

  • Pick up a "tripod phone stand with ring light" from a local store
  • Take several videos at different angles for good measure
  • Send me some samples for feedback

So here we are. We've gone from flip phone to shooting social media content on-the-go. Just need to document the bowling ball test for good measure.

We don't normally list our Jumbo Drum for online sale, but one will be offered up this weekend. Keep your eyes and ears open on our Socials if you love bass and are looking to add to your musical arsenal.