2020 Limited Holiday Exclusive

We’re always coming up with ideas for new and custom-build instruments.

Crafting limited edition models allows us to offer something unique, experimental, or extra, if you will, without the pressure of integration into our product line.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and sometimes a design is simply the celebration of that inspiration.

12 Keys

Starting this season, Hardwood Music Company will be releasing a “limited-edition” instrument for the holidays. This year’s Limited Holiday Exclusive is the Chorded 12-Key Ivy.

12 Drums

The original Ivy Drum was a spin-off from our oldest four note drum, The Piccolo, designed in the late 90’s at the request of a customer who wanted something particular made for her granddaughter. The Ivy form has been subsequently incorporated into 6-Key, 14-Key and 16-Key models in recent years.

Our Chorded 12-Key also arose from a request; one for a model capable of producing chord structures compatible with Celtic music. We have produced this drum for over fifteen years now. The most popular Chorded 12-Key tuning features the progression I - IV - V - vi, typically in the key of C. The Chorded 12-Key “Ivy” will also feature this progression.

12 Chorded 12-Key Ivy will be built this year. Each will be signed and numbered, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for proof of provenance.

2020 Holiday Exclusive

2020 Holiday Exclusive

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