HMC Custom instruments are limited-edition builds, typically only built one or few at a time. They are distinguished by unique elements of craftsmanship, by the use of rare materials, and by the imagination that brought them to life, whether that was our own or that of our customer.

Previous Work

Chorded 12-Key | Segmented Drum

Guatemalan Rosewood | Wenge | Black Palm

Geo Bones | The Leaner

Chinese Rosewood | Zebrawood


Bird's Eye Maple | Rosewood

Geo Bones | Woven Wood

Guatemalan Rosewood | Wenge

Concert Chorded 14-Key | Decorative Brass Legs

Brazilian Rosewood | Ebony

Concert Chorded 14-Key | The Mask

Guatemalan Rosewood | Hawaiian Koa

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Curly French White Ash

Chorded 12-Key

Padauk | Rainbow Sides

Chorded 12-Key | Stone Drum

Honduran Rosewood | Blue Granite | Black Onyx

Concert Chorded 14-Key Flames | Stone Drum

Honduran Rosewood | Polished Sandstone

Concert Chorded 14-Key | Stone Drum

Honduran Rosewood | Rainforest Marble | Ebony

Concert Chorded 14-Key | Mountains

Guatemalan Rosewood | Ziricote | Ebony

Concert Chorded 14-Key Ivy

Guatemalan Macacauba | Quilted Sapele | Ebony

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Redwood Burl | Wenge

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | French White Ash | Ebony

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Hawaiian Koa | Snakewood

Chorded 12-Key | Alien Inlay

Guatemalan Rosewood | Maple | Black Limba

Chorded 12-Key | Burnt Pillar Corners

Guatemalan Rosewood | Black Limba | Walnut

Chorded 12-Key | Owl Inlay

Guatemalan Rosewood | Black Limba | Ziricote

Concert Chorded 14-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Cocobolo | Wenge

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Sapele | Wenge

Chorded 12-Key | Cartography Drum

Guatemalan Macacauba | Spalted Maple

Chorded 12-Key | Sunburst

Honduran Rosewood | Bubinga | Ebony

Chorded 12-Key

Wenge | Black Gold

Chorded 12-Key | Dragon Drum

Guatemalan Rosewood | Wenge | Black Limba

Chorded 12-Key

Guatemalan Rosewood | Ziricote | Ebony

4-Key Double Drum

Padauk | White Oak

Our Finest

  • Craftsmanship
  • Material Excellence
  • The Instrument


People are often drawn to our custom instruments by their unique visual design elements. This is where we let our imaginations wander. HMC Custom pieces often represent a study of a certain visual form or pattern, perhaps inspired by an architectural design element or other work of art that captured our interest.

Material Excellence

Another signature of HMC Custom pieces is the use of singular and visually notable materials. This could be a board with extraordinary figure, a particularly rare wood species, or a study in the use of stone or marble. Experimentation is in our DNA at Hardwood Music and material selection is no exception.

The Instrument

It’s most common for HMC Custom pieces to feature a Chorded design, either 12-Key, 14-Key, or 16-Key. That said, over the years we have crafted one-of-a-kind builds of nearly alo of our models. We are always happy to discuss requests for tunings in a specific key and have even composed new tunings inspired by such an inquiry.

How to Order

Interested in crafting an HMC Custom instrument of your own? We are here for you!


First, we invite you to browse the custom pieces below, both currently available and past work. Take note of forms, colors, and materials that are appealing to you.


If one of our currently available pieces speaks to you, look no further! You may complete your purchase below.


If you’d like to submit a design inquiry, we would love to hear from you! Please complete this form or email us at Include any notes about what inspires you. We will set up an appointment to discuss your inquiry over the phone and help you define your perfect instrument.

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HMC Custom


Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us! We're constantly adding to our inventory, and we'd love to work with you to create a drum you love.

Prices below vary with the materials selected and with their visual and acoustic character.

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10 products